Our beers are inspired by the beers of Belgium.

We use local and imported malt and hops to create our unique take on beer.

A tasting consists of 4 of our beers on a tray.
The beers you taste depends on what's available on tap.
Cost per tray: R44.00.

Light refreshing summer ale, with a touch of wheat. Designed for people who
aren't beer drinkers (yet) and those who want a light beer to drink all day.
4% ABV

Zesty Belgian wheat beer, made with barley, wheat and oats, flavoured
with coriander, chamomile and lemon zest. Refreshing summer beer.
4.5% ABV

Belgian style blond beer, 100% barley malt, lightly hopped.
A more flavoursome replacement for lagers. 100% local malt and hops.
5% ABV

Our take on India Pale Ale, local and Belgian malts, local hops, Belgian yeast.
A complex, intensely flavoured IPA without being too bitter
6% ABV

Dry oatmeal stout with chocolate and coffee flavours. Some residual
sweetness and low bitterness.
6% ABV

Belgian style brown ale, inspired by Trappist and Abbey beers.
A rich brown ale with aromas of dark fruits, a rich malty caramel flavour.
7% ABV

Belgian style golden ale, inspired by Trappist and Abbey beers. Deceptively
light on the palate with honey overtones, finishing with a slight alcohol burn.
9% ABV

Naturally fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurised